Famous historical cafes in Turin: a sweet journey through time in the Piedmontese capital!

In some places of the city, time seems to have stopped at the time of horses and carriages, where everything seemed to flow more slowly despite the great changes that were happening. It is just this the atmosphere that you can breathe in the historical cafes, ancient nineteenth century rooms where you can savour and enjoy the typical delights of the city!
Characterized by a charm and timeless elegance, historical cafes are undoubtedly a must for those visiting the city.
At their tiny tables used to sit down important and famous characters such as Camillo Benso of Cavour, Luigi Einaudi, Cesare Pavese, Friedrich Nietzsche and many others. Here, among satin tapestries and elegant chandeliers, political and cultural Italian history has been.
Explore behind the scenes where some of the most knowed sweets of the tradition of Turin were made, such as Gianduiotti and Cri Cri.
Among the most important historical cafes you find ”Caffè Confetteria Al Bicerin“, open since 1793, it is famous for the hot drink Bicerin, served in chocolate, coffee and cream layers. This Cafe owns the original recipe of this hot drink!
”Fiorio“, open since 1780, is another historical cafe situated in the heart of the city. For a long time it has been attended by the nobility of Turin. Its speciality is, without doubt, ice cream, above all gianduia ice cream!
”Caffe San Carlo“, known for its refined coffee blends, was attended by intellectuals of Risorgimento. Its interior is splendid, furnished with marbles, plasters and statues, and it is located in San Carlo square.
If you want to sample a good hot chocolate, you have to go to the famous ”Caffè Baratti e Milano“, situated just a few steps from the main square of the city, Piazza Castello. Its success was such to become the first provider of the Royal House.
”Caffè Torino“ is a historical cafe launched at the beginning of the twentieth century.
Dive in an ancient atmosphere, among fine marbles and sumptuous chandeliers, and savour the famous speciality of the refined confectionery art, the 'Gianduiotto', chocolate wrapped in a thin gold paper, produced with gianduia chocolate and hazelnuts of Langhe.
”Caffè Mulassano“, opened at the beginning of the twentieth century. It is situated in Piazza Castello, the main square of the city. Among the splendid mirrors, marble tables and ancient garnishes, you can sample 'Tramezzino', famous sandwich invented right in this cafe, it is combined with Aperitivo and it substitute a fast lunch.
Last but not least, we find "Caffè Platti", nineteenth cafe where locals savour several chocolate delicacies, and the famous 'Paste di Meliga', golden shortbreads produced by a mix of wheat flour and corn flour, ideal to eat with a good hot drink.

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