Sanificazione Camere Diplomatic

For your security, this is how we clean our rooms!

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  1. Reception: Double admittance in two sides
  2. Back office: 1 people in contemporary
  3. Manager Room: 1 people in contemporary and 2 people opposite
  4. Meeting Room: 2 people at the table; in the room remore rows of 1 metre between outline of the chairs. Total places 20 persons
  5. Breakfast Room: 1 metre opposite from people to people; breadth of passage-way : 1 metre; buffet not available to clients, service carry out by waiters; duty surgeon mask by waiters and clients; clients doesn't have at the moment of eating; family unit are not obliged to put on


  1. Bar: admission 1 people; tables and armchairs with the same lay out of breakfast room
  2. Lift: 1 people with warning on the door
  3. Surgeon mask obliged except lonely in the room


  1. Antiseptic gel and surgeon mask available at the entrance
  2. Don’t available pencils, ballpoints, newspapers, advertising materials, etc.
  3. Disporre di fazzoletti di carta
  4. Available paper towels and don’t usedry air


  • To clean every day with sanitary products : buttons, handles, taps, key boards
  • Changing rooms: to clean with careful at the changing shift; private activity of sanitary by week
  • Air conditioner: predisposition by dropling implies minor risks to infection respect normal situation: effect care cleaning at philters at short-dated and to disable if continual stream is in ricycling


Absence for disease: a) worker transmit that is in Sars; b) use the privacy and not transmit nothing. In the first case attests his isolation at residence and attests his recovery by medical certificate of "avvenuta negativizzazione".

They concern the whole procedures and operations for eliminate mouses.

They concern the whole procedures and operations in the environements by means of cleaning and disinfection activity or improvement and control of microclimate conditions for temperature, humidity, ventilation, noise, lighting


Cleaning: is the first step who preceeds every activities.
Santary: using particular detergent for destrying batters and pathogenies agents noxious for health, areas with weakend people or with low immunities defence, hospitals, etc.
Strong sanitary: using antiseptics physical and chemicals for reducing microbiological loads on flat and vertical surfaces; that surfaces must be cleaning before.
Disinfection: when the proceeding guarantees the neutralisation of 99° of batters.
Sterilization: when the proceeding guarantees the neutralization of the 100° of batters (rays UVA)


When we decide or we are obliged to execute a protocol we must follow to the indicated work exactly to ask again the exact service and no other.
Every situation is to consider on the lay out of rooms and areas, the situation abandonment, expectation of future occupation, economical cost.


Consider a distance of 1 metre of outline of tables or chairs drawing up with a sitting person.
Place of 2 person in front at every round table and 4 in lateral and front distance of person not short of 1 metre.
Don’t keep on the tables: oil, vinegar, salt and pepper, toothpicks, bread small basket, tea/coffee bags, appetizer and amusebouche, wine and water bottles, menu, lamps.
Waiter mustalways put on surgeon mask as the clients since at the moment at the table to eat.
Mask not obliged in case of family group.
At the buffet, if it is ready, can have accessurgenon mask always only the waiters.
Replace dishes, glasses, cutleries, napkins at every change of fellow guest.
Sanitary places at every change of client.

KITCHEN: Cooks must put on and maintain, at possible, a distance of 1 metre during the work. If needs use of glovers, prefer latex or vinilic but, at the same, wash frequently the hands.
  • To use glovers has an hygienic aim, but you shall clean when they are put and, if don’t throw away, to clean after every use like as to avoid to touch eyes, nose, mouth. Material Have to be of nitrile or vinyl
  • Glasses: prefer lens defensives respect contact lens that are transmitting
  • Masks: to prove funcionalities, effect empiric prove over a flame; if it put out blowing is not good
  • Temperature : worker wint a temperature over 37.5&#176 must interrupt the work, isolated and later sended at his residence. Activity may be with a beginnig certificate of measurement at the start of less of 37.5&#176, that worth always, in alternative measurement at the entrance by a termoscanner "human use" and not "industrial" or ear infrared ray
  • To avoid to propose mixed use gifting the minibar in bad rooms, of drinks in tins and not in small bottles; if there are in the room boilers for tea/coffee, clean that thjose at every change of client
  • Garage: entrance and position of cars is in care of client; if it’s impossible, clean shift on the floor and the wheel


  • Technical rooms: 1 people in every room, if needs many workers put a surgeon mask and glovers
  • Courtesies in room: only a guest directory with a biro, no fruits and sweatmeats, endow plastic glasses sealed
  • Laundry: 4 people more a worker with mask for transport


L. 82/94 and DM 274/97
They concern the whole of procedures and operations to remove dust, not wanted materials, dirty from surfaces, objects, confined environements and pertinent areas.
They concern the whole procedures and operations to cure confined environements and pertinent area by means of destruction micro-organism pathogenic.
They concern the whole procedures and operations to destruction small animals, particulary as arthropods, parasities, vectors of infection agents and not wants vegetables.

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